Investing in my portfolio’s high-risk funds only – Part 2 (market-timing)

5 min Read Published: 31 Jan 2024

Last week I published the research article "Investing in my portfolio’s high-risk funds only – Part 1" which explored what an investor would have achieved had they solely invested in the high-risk funds within my £50k portfolio.

The article was inspired by a request from an 80-20 Investor via Chatterbox. However, a secondary part of the request centred upon what would happen if you applied market-timing to the new high risk only portfolio using the indicator first discussed in another 80-20 Investor article titled 'Navigating market tops and bottoms'.

If you read the original 'Navigating market tops and bottoms' article it explains how the 10-month moving average (10MMA) indicator can be applied. In summary, if on a monthly basis an index closes above its 10-month moving average line then it suggests that you should remain invested in the market.

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