Market timing & Damien’s alternative risk portfolios update – June 2021

18 min Read Published: 04 Jun 2021

It's been a year since I last reviewed the performance of the alternative risk versions of my £50k portfolio. Furthermore, an 80-20 Investor member recently asked whether I could analyse how applying a market indicator, highlighted in the article "Navigating market tops and bottoms", would impact performance. So I thought it an opportune time to cover both in a single article.

Quick recap on the alternative portfolios

The higher and lower risk Damien's portfolios were launched back in April 2018. 80-20 Investor was designed to provide subscribers with research to empower them to make better investment decisions. The service is not prescriptive and a key aim when I originally conceived the idea for 80-20 Investor was that it would allow people to use it in a way that suited them. They could use it to help research funds in a particular sector or they could build a portfolio in accordance with their own views or risk appetite.

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