With over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector Damien is one of the most widely quoted finance experts in the UK. Author of a # 1 best-selling business book on Amazon UK and founder of Money to the Masses and creator of Damien’s Money MOT and 80-20 Investor. Damien also hosts one of the UK's most popular personal finance podcasts.
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Damien and the team receive a lot of questions from listeners and readers and unfortunately we can’t provide everyone with a bespoke written answers, despite wishing that we could. However, the best thing to do is to ask your question in our friendly facebook community as you will get a lot of helpful answers.
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The Money MOT is a simple tool that in just two minutes will give users a detailed breakdown of how their finances shape up. By answering just a few questions (no registration or paperwork required) you receive a Money MOT grade (from A to E) and we provide you with a detailed breakdown of the areas of your finances that may need attention (including everything from bills to wills). Damien's Money MOT will also tell you how you measure up against the thousands of others who have already completed an MOT. You can then sign up to receive my free action plan that will help you take the steps needed to improve your finances.  
You can sign up to receive my free action plan on the results page that appears when you complete your Money MOT. This plan is delivered via a series of emails (either daily or weekly - you choose) that details the steps you need to take to improve your MOT ratings. The plan is personally tailored to the answers you gave to the questions in the Money MOT.
You can retake the MOT at any time. If you registered for the action plan you can log into Damien’s Money MOT and hit the retake button to update your score. If you did not register the first time then you can reload the tool to take the test again from the beginning.
80-20 investor is a  service which empowers DIY investors to make their own investment decision. It screens tens of thousands of funds based on a unique algorithm which harnesses the power of risk adjusted momentum investing to grow your money, while our stop loss alerts can help protect it. We also allow you to submit your own bespoke research requests to one of the most widely quoted investment experts in the national press. Quite simply the 80-20 investor helps you minimise the effort it takes to be a successful DIY investor while maximising your returns, allowing you to get on with the things you want to in life. To read more about 80-20 Investor visit the 80-20 Investor FAQs or talk to us via the chat function. If you are an 80-20 Investor member and require technical assistance please email [email protected]
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