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16 Dec 2014

Written by Liam

Over 30 years experience in financial services, residential lettings and property sales. Director of a leading national estate agency chain, until leaving in 2008 to pursue other commercial interests. Vast experience in new business development, business change, management development and business strategy.

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Your top 10 money concerns answered


1. Where to get the best savings rates? a regularly updated look at where to stick your cash for the best return.

2. Latest interest rate predictions - when will rates rise? - a long time favourite where we update our interest rate predictions on a monthly basis.

3. Should you fix your mortgage now? - we advise you of  what you should look for when trying to decide on a fixed or variable mortgage.

4. The buy-to-let guide - the inside track on whether buy-to-let is a good investment for you.

5. Latest inflation figures determine 2015/6 basic state pension, ISA allowance and benefit levels - explanation of how much certain benefits will rise by in the next tax year.

6. How to cut the cost of train travel - some useful tips on how to save money on train travel.

7. 41 things to check & ask when viewing a house - some key pointers for buyers when viewing a property.

8. How much income could I get from a £100,000 pension pot - some insight into the options when retiring and the potential income generated.

9. 39 simple ways to pay less tax - some tips on how to keep more of your hard earned cash.

10. How to phone call-centres for free & avoid queuing - how to save money money & time when phoning those dreaded call-centres.

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