Still time to submit your PPI claim if you bank with Santander

1 min read Published: 30 Aug 2019

Santander PPI deadline extended

If you bank with Santander and haven't yet claimed PPI you may still have time. Santander has announced that due to technical difficulties with its website and long phone delays on 29th August, customers currently still have the opportunity to claim for mis-sold PPI.

I bank with Santander, how can I submit a claim for PPI?

If you haven't yet submitted a PPI claim with Santander then you can do so via its online claim form.  Santander has announced that you have until 8pm on 30th August to submit your claim, but it is best to not leave submitting a claim until the last minute.

I don't bank with Santander, have I missed the PPI deadline?

Yes. The PPI deadline was 11.59pm 29th August 2019, so if you haven't submitted a claim with your bank then, unfortunately, you have missed the deadline.

You may still have time to claim if:

If you missed the deadline due to exceptional circumstances, there may still be a way to claim. The best way is to contact your bank who will deal with your claim on a case by case basis. An exceptional circumstance isn't explicitly defined but it is likely to be due to serious ill-health or bereavement, but this is at your bank's discretion.