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9 min Read 29 May 2015
  A total of 16 funds from May's Best of the Best Selection make it into June's selection. Below I list this month's selection in full with the 16 funds that regained their place in green while the new additions are in black. In fact, the reason I have included the full list...

6 min Read 29 May 2015
80-20 Investor's unique algorithm identifies funds with momentum. It is designed to seek out those funds and trends that have a greater chance of continuing in the future. This shortlist of funds is then grouped by its sector categories (such as Japan or UK All Companies) in our Best by Sector section. We then pick the...

17 min Read 23 Apr 2015
To give you a sense of the strength of the recent rally in Chinese equities the chart below compares the returns a UK investor would have achieved had they invested in Chinese equities versus those in the US and the UK over the last year. Now there is a reason why I...

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