Damien’s Portfolio – lessons learned & a few tweaks

12 min Read Published: 11 Nov 2015

You may recall that back at the start of October my portfolio was doing particularly well, versus the market. One month on and there are a number of great DIY investing lessons to be learned from October.

At the beginning of October markets were on a knife edge, with the most likely possibility that they would tumble. Unsurprisingly the 80-20 Investor algorithm at that time slightly reduced the risk level of the Best of the Best Selection and took a more domestic (UK focus).

What happened next was fascinating. Investment markets suddenly bounced on 1st October and caught the world by surprise. Having said that, I did highlight it as a very distinct possibility in October's monthly newsletter.

What occurred is what is known as a 'short squeeze'. This is where a large number of investors (usually investment bank traders) bet that the market will collapse.

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