Damien’s Portfolio update: Still outperforming in the market-sell off

9 min Read Published: 02 Oct 2015

I last updated my portfolio in mid-August which coincidentally was days before the stock market crashed over 10%. You may recall that at the time I was beating 87% of fund managers.

At that time my original £50,000 was worth £50,410. The table below shows how much worse off I would have been if I'd invested in the equivalent managed fund at that time. I also give the performance of a FTSE 100 tracker for reference. Don't forget my portfolio includes all fees deducted while the other two don't include platform fees so their portfolio value is in fact lower than the value stated below:


Portfolio Return How far behind my portfolio Damien's 50K portfolio £50,410  n/a Average managed fund 40-85% £49,927 -£483 FTSE 100 £49,393 -£1,017


How I outperformed during the market sell-off

Of course if the market suffers a major correction as it did (of more than 10%) then my portfolio wouldn't be immune because around 70-80% of its assets are invested in equities.

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