How safe is my money?

1 min read Published: 02 Apr 2019

At 80-20 Investor we do not take money from your investments neither do you invest through us. We provide unbiased research and analysis to empower you to make better investment decisions.

As a DIY investor you will invest and buy funds or shares via a discount broker or a fund platform. But what sort of protection do you receive if a firm goes bust?


Compensation is only paid if an authorised firm is declared in default following an investigation by the FSCS. The maximum compensation is £85,000 per person per firm. Investments covered are stocks and shares, unit trusts and other long term investments. The compensation is only triggered when a product provider goes bust, or for a loss arising from poor advice rather than the collapse of the underlying investment.

Fund platform

When you invest through a fund platform your money is put into a ‘nominee account’ this allows the platform to administer and look after your investment on your behalf.

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