Airmiles free flights to end & how it affects existing members

1 min Read Published: 05 Sep 2011

Members of the Airmiles reward scheme will no longer be able to enjoy free flights as they will now be liable to pay taxes, fees and charges, which were not previously included in the scheme.

How does the Airmiles scheme work?

Airmiles members  currently earn points from a wide range of retailers which can be redeemed for free flights, including all taxes and charges. The number of points required depends on the destination selected.

How is the Airmiles scheme changing?

Under the new scheme Airmiles customers will pay all taxes and charges on their flights. These charges could add hundreds of pounds to the cost of a previously 'free' flight.

These changes are part of a number of changes being made to Airmiles by its owner International Airlines Group which also owns BA. The scheme will be merged with BA Executive Club and renamed Avios, all changes will take effect from 16th November.

Will the changes to the Airmiles scheme affect my current miles?

Members of Airmiles and BA Executive Club schemes will see their current miles exchanged for Avios points at the rate of 1 to 10, so 100 Airmiles points will be worth 1,000 Avios points.

BA Miles will be transferred at the rate of 1:1.

The changes will also mean that members will have to spend more points to get some  flights.

Can I spend my Airmiles now to avoid the changes?

Until 14th November members can book flights for the next 12 months under the existing arrangements and avoid paying the extra charges.


  1. This is a truly scandalous situation. Airmiles have dropped this hot potato on their members with very little notice and within a couple of weeks of actively encouraging them to buy miles and exchange Tesco clubcard vouchers. These miles are now worth virtually nothing as far as longhaul flights are concerned. Many of us have been saving Airmiles in order to fly long haul specifically. There are so many budget flights in Europe anyway! Join the fight at the Fight the Airmiles Changes Facebook Page, and on the dedicated website, search

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