Best of the Sunday papers’ MONEY sections 28th October 2012

1 min read Published: 28 Oct 2012

Independent on Sunday

Property profits are not just for homeowners

So you want 6% interest? Go and bag yourself a retail bond

How can I get the best deal for my savings?

Sunday Telegraph

How to boost your pension

EDF increases energy prices by 11%

The parties over for 'risky' trusts, investors told

Sunday Times (subscription)

Drivers hit by sneaky charges

The ABC of saving for your children

Beware the costs of 4G deals

Mail on Sunday

Phone hacking scandal spreads to City

How to stop cold callers

Poppy Bond pays 3.25% and helps appeal

Sunday Observer

How to maximise returns on children's savings accounts

How good is Britain's minimum wage?

Pay deals remain at 2.5%