Best of the Sunday papers’ MONEY sections

1 min read Published: 03 Mar 2024

best of the sunday paper money sections 3rd March 2024

Sunday Express

Pensioners urged to put in Pension Credit claim to bag £299

HMRC will keep forcing pensioners to pay tax that they don’t even owe

Royal Mail stamps to increase within weeks as first class price rises 10p

The Telegraph (subscription)

Why it only pays to work four days a week in high-tax Tory Britain

What to expect in Jeremy Hunt’s Budget – from tax cuts to vaping

Almost of half of shoppers switch to supermarket-own brands

The Sunday Times (subscription)

My spring budget wish list (and no, scrapping inheritance tax is not on it)

SJP braced for £426m payout — and this is just the beginning

2034: the year the bank branch becomes extinct

Mail on Sunday

Pension funds forced to reveal how much they invest in British businesses

How to be a pension millionaire for as little as £6 a day

Pensioners set to be hit by Chancellor's stealth tax raid


Rail fares to rise by 4.9% in England and Wales on Sunday

Thames Water lobbying government to let it increase bills by 40%

‘We’re hugely worried’: UK private pension rule changes disrupt retirement plans