Best of the Sunday papers’ MONEY sections

1 min Read Published: 26 Jun 2022

best of the sunday paper money sections 26th June 2022

Sunday Express

 How you could slash inheritance tax bill by £70,000

Struggling with debts? Expert explains how to manage debt as interest rates rise

Capital gains tax: Selling your second home - can you reduce the rate you pay?

The Telegraph

Women’s pensions ‘half the size of men’s’, report finds

House prices and inflation add £100m onto dreaded death duties

Five urgent tax cuts Boris Johnson must make to save his bacon

The Sunday Times (subscription)

Is bitcoin just a scam?

How to tell if stock markets have hit bottom

I turned my garden into a pub and earned £1,500 this year

Mail on Sunday

How does inflation erode savings?

With the energy price cap going up again in October by hundreds of pounds, is it time to snap up a fixed deal?

Millions more Britons now locked out of accessing credit from mainstream lenders as 'financial exclusion' rises


Britain’s hidden online ‘microworkers’ paid less than £4 an hour

Parking fines: DVLA breached law over sharing drivers’ details

Scammers are targeting customers of collapsed energy suppliers, study shows