Best of the Sunday papers’ MONEY sections 9th June 2013

1 min Read Published: 09 Jun 2013

Independent on Sunday

You'll need £220,000 for a minimum wage in retirement

How to be the perfect customer

Financial lifelines to grab if the door shuts in your face

Sunday Telegraph

How online consumers get a subsidy from those 'offline'

Rise in wills disputes over illegitimate children

Elderly Britons financially shunned unlike in Europe

Sunday Times (subscription)

Time to buy as shares tumble

Grab good rate before pound dives

All angles covered, but can you actually claim?

Mail on Sunday

Payday lenders face competition probe

How to have a great holiday and save a fortune

Millions of motorists run risk of licence address fine

Sunday Observer

How supermarkets get their data and what they do with it

Rent out your spare items - from bikes to barbecues

Investment trusts: old-style strategy stands test of time

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