Best of the Sunday papers’ PROPERTY sections 13th January 2013

1 min read Published: 13 Jan 2013

Independent on Sunday

Want to sell your property in a stagnant market?

Spotlight on Reading

Property of the day

Sunday Telegraph

Homes with sexy bedrooms

Battersea Power Station - in pictures

Amazing affordable chateaux for sale

Sunday Times

Life on the edge

Time and place: Brian Wilson

Beyond the Brochure: Captured by the castle

Mail on Sunday

Experts welcome mortgages where parents can help children buy a home

Barclays 3 year fixed rate mortgage for first time buyers at 4.69%

Nearly lost my dream home through unpaid gas bill

Sunday Observer

Let's move to Otley, West Yorkshire

Snooping around - in pictures

What will £300,000 buy you in the UK property market?