Best of the Sunday papers’ property sections 30th October 2011

1 min Read Published: 30 Oct 2011

Sunday Telegraph

Council tax blow for second-home owners

West Country special: Small hotels for sale

Is equity release a good idea?

Sunday Observer

Eurozone crisis will hit UK mortgages, savings and family life

House sales plummet 11% year on yearIs shared ownership a good idea?

Is shared ownership a good idea?

Mail on Sunday

Expecting house prices to rise? Soon you will be able to invest via your ISA

Delays threaten cheap home loan rates as Barclays shuts window for mortgage transfers

Bank of Scotland raises standard variable rate for £175,000 borrowers

Sunday Times (subscription)

Richmond ready for it's close-up

Frost report

Estate agents? No thanks

Independent on Sunday

Vendors, there's no need to despair .... with help you can still sell

Brokers still play a key role for mortgage borrowers

Here's one we built yesterday

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