Best of the Sunday papers’ MONEY sections 8th June 2014

3 min Read Published: 08 Jun 2014

The Independent

How to save money on train journeys, good music and a little fun

Plastic card usage trumps cash payments

Which of the World Cup 2014 countries look the most appealing for investors?

The Telegraph

Struggling Co-op raises rate on easy access savings account best buy

Cheapest personal loan rates at all-time low

Will Dutch-style pensions boost your retirement income by 30%?

Sunday Times (subscription)

The car's the star as costs plummet

One Deception: ticket scam rakes in £3.7m

My little phoney: pet cover fraud hits a record high

Mail on Sunday

The four crucial steps for a happier and cheaper holiday

How much money can you save with energy saving tricks

Motoring holidays in Europe get cheaper as fuel prices plummet

The Observer

Troubled green deal relaunches with £1,500 sweetener

Warning over copycat tax disc site

Gender pay gap hits middle-earning women hardest


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And during the course of this 1st show we cover some interesting apps as well as the outlook for interest rates - hence the title.

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