Best of the Sunday papers’ PROPERTY sections 13th July 2014

2 min Read Published: 13 Jul 2014

The Independent

First-time buyer mortgages continue to rise

Middle-aged borrowers facing problems taking out mortgages

Riskier mortgages on the up, but property demand wanes

The Telegraph

Inside the worlds tiniest houses

When will rates rise?

Forty-somethings 'too old to get a mortgage'

The Sunday Times (subscription)

The return of London's power penthouse

Wish you weren't here

The full extent of the housing market slowdown

Mail on Sunday

A risk of flooding and you don't know it

Could the property rush have peaked?

Three steps to owning your first buy-to-let

The Observer

Let's move to Port Sunlight, Cheshire

£125k for Brixton flat - only just room for a single bed

Homes in commuter towns - in pictures


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