Best of the Sunday papers’ PROPERTY sections 22nd June 2014

2 min Read Published: 22 Jun 2014

The Independent

Homeowners believe they can do better job of selling than agents

House prices less important than negative factors

Rental deposits rise while rent levels hold steady

The Telegraph

Can you build a house for £100,000?

Britain's best homes: the long list

'We saved £9,000 by selling our home through friends on Facebook'

The Sunday Times (subscription)

Britain's most beautiful house - your for less than £1m

The most expensive country pile in Britain, your for £30m

Vote for the ecohouse of the future

Mail on Sunday

One in five homes are selling for more than the asking price

Fears over 'revenge evictions'

Start saving .... you'll need a bigger deposit to buy a house

The Observer

How to research the history of your home

Let's move to Dunblane, Perthshire

How I wrote the biography of an ordinary terraced house


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