Hurry, your Tesco Clubcard points will be worth less after this Sunday

1 min Read Published: 02 Dec 2010

From 6th December the value of your Tesco Club points will be slashed.

Currently it is possible to quadruple the value of your Tesco Clubcard points via Tescso's Rewards scheme but this will be changing with effect from 6th December, but that's not all.

What's changing?

  • From the 6th December the most you will be able to do is triple the value of your points via the Tesco Rewards scheme.
  • The amount of points your receive when you fill up your car will be halved (this technically came into effect on 1st November).
  • The Guardian recently claimed that ''on the "buy in full" front, where a one-day pass to Alton Towers resort or to Legoland Windsor currently costs £10 in Clubcard reward vouchers, from 6 December it will cost £13 in vouchers. On the same date, the cost of a Cineworld adult ticket token will increase from £3 to £4 in vouchers; an annual subscription to Good Housekeeping Magazine will increase from £11 to £14.50 in vouchers; and a five-hour driving lesson package from BSM goes up from £52 to £65 in vouchers''.

Why are Tesco doing this?

Tesco have been upfront about these changes and have written to customers to inform them. The reason that they are making the changes is that they have continued to offer double rewards points to customers on their shopping. Their website states that "double points means we send out more vouchers, so customers have more value to spend with our rewards partners. To help both Tesco and our partners manage this increase (after all, there are only so many seats in a restaurant or rooms in a hotel), we will be making changes to our rewards rates,"

Fair enough

But make sure you remember to redeem your accumulated points this weekend. I will be.

(image: by markhillary at flickr)