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2 min Read Published: 14 May 2014

podcastWell it's certainly been an exciting time for me personally now that I have left my old day job to pursue my dream of developing to help make financial expertise and information accessible to everyone.

It's been hard work, don't forget until a week ago I was still working full time and running/developing in my spare time. But now I'm free to put all my energy into making everything you and I want it to be.


I plan to make its development a journey which I share with you. But interestingly I was contacted by Pete Matthew from Meaningful Money. Pete is a kindred spirit who runs an financial advisory firm but who has also been reaching out to the public through online videos and podcasting.

Pete got in touch via Twitter and asked if he could interview me for his latest podcast show. Of course I jumped at the chance - you can listen to it here.

It is the first time that I've talked about why I do what I do, about my new book as well as tell people the small things they can do that can make a big difference to their finances.

So have a listen to me telling the story in my own words. I hope you enjoy it and please leave Pete a positive review on Itunes and a comment below this post. As ever, I always respond.

Best Wishes, Damien


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