Pension Tracing Service reunites 350,000 people with lost pensions

1 min read Published: 15 Oct 2010
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This free service could help you too.

The free Pension Tracing Service (PTS) has helped 350,000 people find out if they are eligible for a workplace pension pot from previous employers, reports IFA online.

Apparently the PTS has helped a fifth of the people, who have used the service since its inception in 2005, find lost/forgotten pension funds. With the average recipient receiving an additional weekly pension of £16 or an average lump sum of £1,900.

Pension pots are often lost/forgotten as people change jobs throughout their careers resulting in millions of pounds worth of unclaimed pensions lying dormant. The PTS was set up to help reunite people with these lost pensions.

Think you could have a lost pension?

So if you think there is even a chance you might have a lost pension pot it might be worth contacting the PTS. It will take as little as 15 minutes of your time, it’s free but best of all you may be in line for an unexpected windfall.

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