Episode 2 – Damien’s Midweek Markets Podcast

1 min read Published: 23 Jan 2019

Damien's midweek marketsThe second episode of my brand new weekly podcast show where I discuss what is happening in investment markets and what to look out for. Each show lasts between 10-15 minutes and is aimed at DIY investors (including novices) seeking contemporary analysis to help them understand how investment markets work.

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  1. If I sign up for 80/20 what’s the minimum portfolio size I should reckon on to start with bearing in mind a good spread of asset allocations and keeping trading costs down? I have several 100K with an institutional investor and want to try investing independently. Ideally I’d like to start with 50K. Is that enough bearing in mind the above stipulations? (I realise there’s no official minimum because it’s an advice site but I’m thinking of diversification and costs)

    1. Hi Steve,

      Can I just point out that this is not an ‘advice’ site. 80-20 Investor produces research, newsletters, commentary and fund shortlists. Subscribers can choose how they use the information to make informed investment decisions themselves. As such it does not constitute advice.

      You are right that there is not a minimum investment size but realistically to make it worthwhile I would say that you would ideally have more than £20k. As you know my own portfolio I run live on the site is £50k in size, and I focus on unit trusts which don’t incur fund switch charges on the platform I use.

      Some subscribers have less than £20k but the value of the subscription also lies in the education/content. So they are happy to pay the subscription fee.

      I hope that answers your question


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