MTTM Podcast Episode 382 – Mortgage reality check & should you fix your energy bills now

1 min read Published: 04 Sep 2022

Episode 382 - On this week's episode I discuss the latest interest rate predictions, what you should be doing now even if you are on a fixed rate deal and a rare bit of good news for those looking to fix their mortgage with their current lender. With the energy price cap due to increase by 80% in October, fixing your energy bills has started to look like a viable option once again. So we crunch the numbers to help you decide whether now is the time to move on to a fixed energy tariff. Finally, Harvey discusses what you can do if you leave an employer but want to maintain access to key employee benefits such as medical insurance.

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Abridged transcript - Episode 382

The abridged transcript of podcast episode 382 will be showing here soon