MTTM Podcast Episode 278 – Best all-weather portfolios, redundancy advice & mobile bill tips

1 min Read Published: 05 Jul 2020

Episode 278 - On this week's show I discuss a number of 'all-weather' portfolios, designed to outperform over the long term and in all market conditions. I explain how they performed over the short term, particularly during the coronavirus sell-off, and what can be learned for constructing your own portfolio. I also discuss redundancy, explaining your rights and what you should expect in terms of statutory redundancy pay. Finally, I discuss mobile phone contracts, why you are probably overpaying and how you can quickly switch to a better deal by text.

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In the order that they appear in the podcast...

Gone Fishin' Portfolio

80-20 Free trial - Take out a free trial to read the full research piece 'The best all-weather portfolios analysed'

Seven things you need to know if you are at risk of redundancy - Which?

Redundancy - know your rights -

Dismissal - know your rights -

Make a claim to an employment tribunal -

Mobile Costs and Billing - 3 steps to a better deal - Ofcom

How to switch mobile network provider with a text message - MoneytotheMasses