MTTM Podcast Episode 285 – How the US election will affect investments & the best savings challenges

1 min read Published: 30 Aug 2020

Episode 285 - On this week's show I explain how the US election could impact investments and why it is not just important to consider who will win, but how the election might be won. I also highlight some interesting savings 'challenges' that can help motivate those who struggle to save and keep them on track. Finally, Andy reveals a clever way that you can give to charity without having to spend any money.

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Skint Dad - The 1p savings challenge

Emma Drew - The 1% savings challenge


  1. Interesting podcast – new listener here!

    I found the link between who is elected and the stock position interesting, crazy how often that link happens.

    However, this year I feel it could be different. With the Fed pumping so much money into the system and people playing the stock game with their Robinhood accounts it could be worse….

    Surely the only way is down overall? Mass homelessness potentially soon when the payments run out. Already a shockingly high amount this month that filed for missed payments on rent/mortgages…. top that with unemployment skyrocketing it’s going to be a rough ride I think. I don’t have a good feeling overall for the States. Whatever the outcome of the election it could well be carnage on the streets….

    There is often a disconnect though between the stock market and the reality though isn’t there…

    Just take a look at Tesla stock for example! Insane prices..

    Anyway, great pod. Look forward to the next one.

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