MTTM Podcast Episode 314 – Investing for the economic rebound & pet insurance must-knows

1 min read Published: 28 Mar 2021

Episode 314 - On this week's podcast I talk about investing for the economic rebound and explain how to tell which funds will benefit from an ongoing reflation trade and which funds have a greater bias to value stocks or invest in cyclical sectors. Andy discusses how insurance companies are benefitting from customers adding indexation to their policies and what can be done about it. Finally, Lauren explains the different types of pet insurance you can buy, which types might be best for certain people and the things to watch out for.

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  1. Good morning Damien & Team,

    Greetings from the West Indies, thanks for your podcasts and attached articles, keep up the good work. While some of the information may not be applicable here , I do appreciate the work of yourself and your team. As I have a bit of investments in the UK, some of your content is quite relevant . Looking forward to visiting the UK again after this pandemic, especially Scotland.

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