MTTM Podcast Episode 355 – The difference between the poor and the rich

1 min read Published: 30 Jan 2022

Episode 355 - On this week's podcast I highlight the inequality that exists between people on low incomes and those that are wealthy. I explain how the game is rigged in favour of those that earn a high income in terms of access to specialist advice, financial products and even utilities. I highlight the key points from the popular book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and finish with a thought-provoking analogy of how both low and high earners are treated after they have been paid.

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Abridged transcript - Episode 355

The abridged transcript of podcast episode 355 will be showing here soon



  1. Hi Damien,
    I’m the former business spokesperson for the Green Party. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now and enjoying it. This episode really stood out, though – I was nodding all the way through it! You explain so well why it’s more expensive to live on a low income. And exactly the same things hold true for small businesses vs big businesses. (Maybe an episode for another day?)

    Thank you so much for doing great work in explaining how the system is rigged against so many people, and what you can do to stop it.

    I’ve shared your podcast with my 4,700 followers and will mention it to others.

    1. Hi Rachel

      Thank you for your feedback and sharing the episode with your followers. If you enjoyed this episode then another one that may interest you is MTTM Podcast Episode 276 – Black Economics Matters.

      In the episode I discuss Black Economics and the inequality that the black community faces. I explain the importance of recognising our own privilege if we are to battle inequality. Finally, I illustrate how the financial system continues to perpetuate inequality against black people and how it needs to change.

      Best wishes


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