Supermarkets accused of misleading their customers after investigation into pricing

1 min read Published: 06 Dec 2011

top 4uk supermarkets An investigation into pricing and special offers at Britain's top supermarkets has uncovered a series of  misleading claims made buy our major food retailers.

Bogus price drops, large value packs that are comparatively more expensive than smaller packs and promotions that offer no savings were uncovered.

The investigation carried out  by BBC's Panorama programme discovered misleading practices being carried out at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisions, who between them have a 68% share of the British grocery market.

These accusations come one year after the Office of Fair Trading told supermarkets to stop misleading customers or face 'enforcement action'.

Some examples given in the Panorama report were:

- 1kg better value tub of Clover spread priced at £3.20 when two 500g tubs could be purchased for £3 (Asda)

- Two 500g tubs of Clover were £1.70 cheaper than the 1kg tub (Morrisons)

- Chicken priced at £4 was labeled 'price drop' in September despite being available for the same prices for the first 8 months of  the year (Tesco)

- Deal advertised on a supermarket website where the price had actually gone up (Asda)

All four major supermarkets have denied misleading customers.  You can watch the Panorama investigation in full on BBC iplayer.