MTTM Podcast Episode 454 – Best stocks & Shares ISA, the Perfect portfolio review & plunge energy pricing

2 min Read Published: 31 Mar 2024

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On this week's show we discuss the Best Stocks and Shares ISA for different types of investor. We also analyse whether our Perfect ISA Portfolio has maintained its track record of making money in every tax year since the year 2000. Finally, we explain how you can get paid to use energy thanks to a particular energy tariff and something called plunge pricing.

Watch the roundup of the Best Stocks and Shares ISAs in 2024

Message from Damien & Andy

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Episode Quiz

Here are five multiple-choice questions to test yourself after listening to this week's episode.

  1. What does plunge pricing relate to on this week's podcast?
    • A) Stock market investments
    • B) Energy tariffs
    • C) ISA portfolios
    • D) Bond markets
  2. What does a new energy tariff's plunge pricing allow users to do?
    • A) Avoid energy use during peak hours
    • B) Get 50% off all energy use
    • C) Get paid to use energy
    • D) Lock in low rates for future use
  3. What should you do on or near the 1st April in relation to your energy bills if you don't have a smart meter?
    • A) Update contact details with your energy provider
    • B) Switch to a new energy provider
    • C) Submit a manual meter reading
    • D) Checking your email for a bill
  4. Damien's Perfect ISA Portfolio had never lost money in a tax year since 2000, until 2022 that is. What new investment did Damien add to improve the portfolio's performance?
    • A) Cryptocurrencies
    • B) Real estate
    • C) Gold
    • D) High yield bonds
  5. What is the new rule regarding ISA contributions from 6th April 2024?
    • A) New restrictions on the amount you can contribute come into force
    • B) Contributions can only be made into managed ISAs
    • C) Contributions to multiple ISAs of the same type in a tax year will be allowed
    • D) Only one ISA contribution is allowed per individual per year


  • 1. B) Energy tariffs
  • 2. C) Get paid to use energy
  • 3  C) Submit a manual meter reading
  • 4  C) Gold
  • 5. C) Contributions to multiple ISAs of the same type in a tax year will be allowed


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