The best of the Sunday newspapers’ Money sections

1 min read Published: 06 Jun 2011

Here are the best bits from the Sunday Money sections, saving you both time and money. Just click on the headings to be taken directly to the stories.

(Sunday 5th June 2011)

The Independent on Sunday

Sarah Davidson highlights how lenders are cherry picking the best borrowers by using the slighest blemish on an applicants credit history to reject their application.

Chiara Cavaglieri discusses the different types of insurance cover from the essential to the money-wasters

Julian Knight discusses the news that Monarch Airlines are ditching debit-card fees and the impact it may have on air fares.

The Observer

Graham Norwood highlights newcomers to the estate agent industry are making waves and incurring the wrath of traditional firms.

Mark King highlights how HMRC has targeted increasing numbers of bereaved families by carrying out investigations into inheritance tax valuations.

The Sunday Times (behind a paywall)

Alexander Goss shows you the best apps to get a discount on your shopping.

James Charles gives us the run down on the best mortgage deals for your circumstances

The Sunday Telegraph

Kara Gammell shows you how to make money from your old gadgets

The Mail on Sunday

Jo Thornhill discusses the end of interest only mortgages.

Jo Thornhill gives you tips on how to keep down the cost of your energy bills

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