The best of the Sunday newspapers’ Money sections – 12 June 2011

1 min read Published: 12 Jun 2011

Here are the best bits from the Sunday Money sections, saving you both time and money. Just click on the headings to be taken directly to the stories.

(Sunday 12th June 2011)

The Independent on Sunday

Brian Brady and Jane Merrick discuss how the jump in the cost of school dinners may undo Jamie Oliver's attempt to introduce healthy eating.

Matt Chorley spells out the NHS changes that are on the way.

Mark Leftly writes about the British pensioners taking legal action against the Bank of Ireland at the High Court.

Chiara Cavaglieri promotes the benefits of a new two-year flexible bond from Barclays.

Chiara Cavaglieri writes about the imminent changes to tax allowances on holiday homes.

Julian Knight expands on the OFT proposal to rein in debt management companies.

The Mail on Sunday

Stephen Womack discussses the pros and cons of corporate bonds.

Stephen Womack highlights how car sharing can save thousands on petrol costs.

The Observer

Jill Insley discusses mortgage options whatever your financial position.

The Sunday Times (behind paywall)

Nina Montogu-Smith discusses the option the payment options regarding long term healthcare.

Ali Hussain urges householders to act now and fix energy costs.

Alexander Goss asks the question - How good are Groupon's bargain deals?

The Sunday Telegraph

Myra Butterworth discusses how 5 year fixed rate mortgages are now their highest rate since before the financial crisis.

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