The best of the Sunday newspapers’ Money sections – 19 June 2011

1 min Read Published: 19 Jun 2011

Here are the best bits from the Sunday Money sections, saving you both time and money. Just click on the headings to be taken directly to the stories.

(Sunday 19th June 2011)

The Independent on Sunday

Julian Knight urges unions to stop the childish wrangling and get on with reforming pensions

Julian Knights finds out that the Consumer Credit Counselling Service expects to see a lot more families in trouble

David Kuo: The past 10 years have been tough , but steady saving still works

Chiara Cavaglieri reports on how social lending if finding favour with older investors

Julian Knight discusses how the buy-to-let boom is back as lenders return

Chiara Cavaglieri illustrates how the loss of allowances means hardship for cancer patients

Sunday Telegraph

Paul Farrow explains what the proposed pension reforms mean for public sector workers

The 10 unluckiest cars

Sunday Times

James Charles highlights how lenders are now seizing on any change in personal circumstances to reject your mortgage application

Nina Montagu-Smith explains why you can't trust care fee plans

Ali Hussain explains the ways of claiming back cash on overpaid bills.

Ali Hussain shows how being energy efficient may be increasing your fuel bills

The Sunday Observer

Mark King highlights how lenders are slashing the rates fixed rate mortgages

Jill Insley reports how complacency about their generous pensions could leave them struggling in the future

The Mail on Sunday

Stephen Womack reports how poor interest rates on savings is encouraging more homebuyers to consider offset mortgages

Stephen Womack illustrates how it's vital to get the most from your money when going abroad

Jo Thornhill warns parents against leaving expensive car seats and pushchairs in cars overnight due to the rise in theft

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