5 top tips for selling your property this spring

2 min Read Published: 13 Feb 2013

 Despite the recent weather conditions spring is actually just around the corner. Usually the Easter Bank Holiday heralds the start of the house buying season and, if moving is in your plans, then here are my top 5 tips for selling your property this spring.

1. Get your house in order

Make sure that your property is in the best condition possible. Carry out those maintenance jobs you have put off during the winter and ensure  your property is showcased in the best possible way.

Viewers will make a decision on your property within the first five minutes of coming through your front door, so it makes sense to get it in the best condition possible. I realise that it is difficult to keep your property tidy at all times but it is an essential chore if you want to give yourself the best chance of selling. Involve all the family in keeping things tidy and a then a quick tidy round before each viewing will keep on top of things.

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2. Use the best estate agent

Before choosing an estate agent you will need to do your research. Use property sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla to find out which agent has got the biggest market in your area. Invite a minimum of three agents to give you a presentation on their service and the costs involved. Ask each agent for details of properties they have recently sold in your area together with the prices obtained.

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3. Be flexible on price

We all want to get the best price for our property but being too inflexible can easily lose you a sale. When you agree a marketing price with your estate agent make sure you have a figure in your mind that you would accept if an offer was forthcoming.

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4. Be flexible with viewing arrangements

It can be very annoying when people want to view your property at short notice, but it has to be done if you want to obtain that elusive buyer. You can make life easier for yourself if you arrange 'free dates' with your estate agent so that they can block book viewings.

5. Be prepared to negotiate if issues arise during the legal process

Issues often arise once you have agreed a sale so it is better to try and negotiate a solution rather than be totally intransigent. For instance, there may be issues raised in the survey report and your buyer may be looking for a price reduction. Try and look at the big picture and some flexibility here will keep your buyer on board rather then having to find another one.

(image by -Marcus-, freedigitalphotos.net)