Vitality at Home review – Vitality’s new ‘stay-at-home’ benefits package

5 min Read Published: 07 May 2020

Vitality at Home review - Vitality's new 'stay-at-home' benefits packageNew social distancing measures have meant that many companies have had to adapt the way they do business. Vitality is a business that is well known for the perks that it offers its members, however, many of those perks are currently out of reach thanks to the lockdown rules that are in place.

Vitality has responded with a number of additional perks which it calls 'Vitality at Home'. Importantly, all of the benefits included in the Vitality at Home package can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, meaning you can still enjoy rewards while respecting social distancing rules.

In this article we take a look at Vitality at Home as well as the additional support that is being provided to Vitality members. To see our full Vitality review, check out our article 'Vitality Review - Is it the best life and health insurance?'

What benefits are available with Vitality at Home?

Below we list the additional benefits available to Vitality Members via the new 'Vitality at Home' benefits package.

Get a Vitality Healthcheck from home

What is it?

Vitality has introduced a 'Healthcheck at Home' service which allows members to earn points when they enter their key metrics.

When is it available?

Bookings will start to become available in the Member Zone from May 2020.

Access to Peloton digital

What is it?

Peloton is a digital membership service that allows you to take part in activities from home (a Peloton bike isn't required). Vitality is giving members 120 days access to Peleton Digital Membership, meaning they can use the Peloton App and choose between live or on-demand classes, including yoga, strength, stretching, bodyweight cardio and strength training.

How does it work?

For every 20 minute workout, members are awarded 5 Vitality points. The system also allows members to track their workout using a heart rate monitor and can earn up to 8 points for working out at 70% of their age-related heart rate for 30 minutes, or 60% of their age-related heart rate for 60 minutes.

When is it available?

It is available to all Vitality members from 1 April 2020.

Home workouts with Jessica Ennis-Hill

What is it?

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill has created a home workouts app called 'Jennis' and members will be given 12 months free access.

How does it work?

Similar to Peloton digital, for every 20 minute workout, members are awarded 5 Vitality points. Jennis also allows members to track their workout using a heart rate monitor and can earn up to 8 points for working out at 70% of their age-related heart rate for 30 minutes, or 60% of their age-related heart rate for 60 minutes.

When is it available?

No firm date yet although Vitality has said that it is coming soon to all Vitality members.

Free Movies with Rakuten TV

What is it?

Rakuten is a pay per view TV and Film service available on all smart TVs, EE TV, Freesat, Xbox, iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

How does it work?

Get rewarded with up to two rental movies a week to watch at home. Vitality members will need to earn 12 activity points for their first movie, and hit their maximum 40 activity points to get a second movie.

When is it available

Available now to all members with a Vitality Plus plan

25% or 40% discount applied to Waitrose & Partners Healthy food

What is it?

A guaranteed discount of at least 25% applied to all Healthy Food bought from Waitrose & Partners

How does it work?

Vitality members currently already enjoy discounts on Healthy Food from Waitrose & Partners, however they would usually need to earn at least 160 activity points to receive the highest discount.

All Vitality members will enjoy a discount of 25% off Healthy Food at Waitrose & Partners, irrespective of how many points they have earned. The offer runs during April, May and June 2020, with Vitality Pink members able to get a discount of 40%

When is it available?

Available from April 2020

Free coffee from Caffè Nero delivered to your home

What is it?

Vitality members can earn a free weekly coffee from Caffè Nero (plus 25% off food for Vitality Plus members) if they earn 12 activity points in a week, however at the time of writing, stores are currently closed.

Instead, if you earn 40 activity points in a month, you can get a coffee reward delivered directly to your door.

How does it work?

You can request any of the following:

  • A reward pack of standard or decaffeinated ground coffee
  • A reward pack of coffee beans
  • A reward pack of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules

You also qualify for 50% off up to four other coffee products on your order, including a reduced delivery charge of £2.50.

When is it available?

It is available for all Vitality Members now

Other changes implemented by Vitality

Earning Vitality points

In recognition of the fact that many people will struggle to earn Vitality points while following the strict social distancing rules, Vitality has made some temporary changes to the way they award Vitality points and Vitality status.

Change to Vitality points:

The introduction of a new set of 'Vitality at Home' benefits is designed to support Vitality members and enable them to earn points whilst respecting to social distancing rules.

Change to status:

Plans going through an anniversary while social distancing rules are in place will take either the previous plans years’ status or current year’s status, whichever is highest. The higher status will also be used for any cashback and Optimiser calculations.

Vitality Life customers have the option to reduce monthly premiums

Customers experiencing financial difficulties linked to COVID-19 can request that Vitality reduces their monthly premiums by 25%, 50% or 75%. Customers should be mindful however that the amount they are insured for will reduce by the same percentage. The change will be applied from the next premium collection date.

Vitality at Home summary

It is encouraging to see that steps have been taken to bolster the existing benefits package, meaning more members can access perks while respecting the strict social distancing rules. Retaining and rewarding existing members is clearly very high on Vitality's priority list and these extra benefits may just be enough to stop the majority from cancelling.

It is still some way off being the attractive proposition it once was, especially for new customers, but just as we have had to adjust to a new way of living, Vitality should be applauded for how it has reacted in the face of such adversity. If you are considering purchasing Vitality Life or Vitality Health insurance, then check out our full Vitality review as we explain the best way to buy it, including how to get £50 cashback. Existing Vitality members may want to keep a watchful eye on the Vitality at Home benefits package over the coming months and make their own judgement call.

A final word of warning if you are considering cancelling your cover. The landscape is changing and we are hearing that insurance companies are constantly reviewing their application processes. The truth is that no-one really knows how the current situation may impact applications in the future. Will it be more difficult to get cover in the future? Will the cover be more expensive? Think before you cancel and if you have been financially affected, consider reducing your premiums instead. Some cover is better than none.