Zestylife life insurance review

5 min Read Published: 14 Sep 2023

Zestylife logo**Zestylife is no longer accepting new customers but continues to provide cover for existing customers with its over 50 life insurance policy. You will find alternative over 50 life insurance options in our article, "Which is the best over 50s life insurance?"


If you are considering buying a Zesty life insurance policy for over 50s, we provide a full review in this article. We explain the key benefits, highlight the pros and cons of the policy and provide a guide to the cost of the policy in our price comparison tables.

Who is Zestylife?

Zestylife was established in 2021 and is the trading name of Neilson Financial Services Ltd. Neilson Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Zestylife assurance provides life insurance for over 50s and states that it is the only life insurance for UK residents aged 50 and over that provides life cover for the rest of your life with cover starting on the first day of the policy. Zestylife life insurance is arranged by Zestylife and is underwritten and administered by Scottish Friendly Assurance, which is authorised by the Prudential regulation authority and regulated by the Financial Sevices Authority.

Zestylife Overview

Zestylife currently provides one product - Zestylife over 50s life insurance. Below is a summary of the Zestylife over 50s life insurance policy.

  • Policy type: Over 50s life insurance on a whole of life cover basis that pays out when you die with nothing payable if you stop paying your premiums before you die
  • Payout: Policyholders can choose between £1,000 and £22,000 of life insurance depending on their age (see table below)
  • Unique feature: Policy covers you immediately for up to £5,000 payout where most other over 50s plans have a 12, 24 or 36 month waiting period, during which, only a multiple of your premiums paid would be returned
  • Increasing option: 3% increase to the sum insured each year and a 4.5% increase is applied to the premium to provide this
  • Enhanced death benefit for accidental death: Accidental death is paid at double the sum insured
  • Customer experience ratings: Trust Pilot - 4.7/5.0 star rating Feefo - 4.5/5.0 star rating

Zestylife Policy Summary

Below we detail the conditions and features of Zestylife over 50s life insurance.

Zestylife over 50s life insurance summary

Type of cover Over 50s Life Insurance
Options Over 50s life insurance
Policy Coverage Single life and joint life options available that pay out on each person's death
Underwriting Unlike other Over 50s life insurance policies, Zestylife life insurance requires applicants to answer some medical questions before cover can be arranged
Increasing option available? Increasing option is available that increases the sum insured by 3% each year and the monthly premium increases by 4.5% each year to provide this
Premiums payable until age: 95 years old - after this age, the monthly premium is no longer paid and the cover will continue and pay out upon death
Minimum age at entry 50
Maximum age at entry 80
Policy limitations Death benefit payable is limited to a maximum of £5,000 in the first 12 months

Additional free benefits provided by Zestylife over 50s life insurance

  • £100 Amazon gift card - Amazon gift card can be claimed by policyholders once they have paid 6 months worth of premiums
  • A free will kit worth £100 - A simple will writing kit allowing you to set out your wishes with regards to the allocation of your estate as well as your funeral preferences

How much life cover can you buy with Zestylife?

Zestylife offers up to £22,000 of over 50s life insurance dependant on your age and the amount of life insurance that you can buy is detailed in the table below.

Amount of Zestylife over 50s life insurance available based on age

Age at the start of the policy Minimum amount of life insurance Maximum amount of life insurance 
50-69 £1,000 £22,000
70-74 £1,000 £20,000
75-80 £1,000 £13,000

How much does Zestylife over 50s life insurance cost?

The tables below show the cost of over 50s life insurance with Zestylife for a person aged 50, 60, 70 and 80 on a smoker and non-smoker basis to provide a £5,000 payout upon death.

Zestylife over 50s life insurance price comparison for £5,000 cover if you are a non-smoker

Age at start of the policy Monthly premium for Zestylife over 50s life insurance
50 £17.31
60 £22.16
70 £34.82
80 £67.21

Zestylife over 50s life insurance price comparison for £5,000 cover if you are a smoker

Age at start of the policy Monthly premium for Zestylife over 50s life insurance
50 £25.64
60 £35.86
70 £58.89
80 £141.19

The price comparisons above assume that the person insured is in good health. The application process does include a short medical questionnaire that will ask you about your current and past health. Adverse health may not necessarily exclude you from being accepted for Zestylife over 50s life insurance depending on the specific nature of your health and the time since any particular health events.

Although you can buy over 50s life insurance without answering any medical questions with other insurers, they usually do not provide as much death benefit from the outset as Zestylife does. The medical questions asked for a Zestylife over 50s life insurance are not as extensive as those you would be required to complete if you applied for other types of life insurance so you may find that minor health concerns need not be disclosed during this process.

Best way to buy Zestylife over 50s life insurance

Zestylife over 50s life insurance is available to buy directly through Zestylife assurance. You can complete a short form online and and a broker will call you to take you through the short health questionnaire or you can simply call Zestylife assurance to obtain quotes and apply for your over 50s life insurance.

It is important to compare over 50s life insurance with other life insurance policies that are available in the market to determine whether it is the right type of life insurance for your needs. Over 50s life insurance is a type of whole of life insurance that will provide a lump sum of money when you die, often to pay for a funeral. However, it may not always provide the best value for money compared with term life insurance or other types of life insurance policies so you should speak to an over 50s specialist broker* to discuss your particular circumstances and requirements to ensure that you are choosing the right type of life insurance for your needs. A specialist life insurance adviser will help you to consider which type of life insurance is best for you, how much life insurance cover you may need and how best to apply for the life insurance you wish to arrange

Zestylife over 50s life insurance summary

  • Established in 2021
  • Provides life insurance for people over the age of 50 that pays a lump sum on death
  • Uniquely, covers your life as soon as the policy starts
  • A full payout of up to £5,000 is available from the outset of the policy and up to £22,000
  • Death as a result of an accident will double the sum insured (sum insured limited to £5,000 in the first 12 months of the policy)
  • Premiums stop being payable at age 95 while the cover continues
  • No medical is needed but some health questions will be asked at the application stage
  • Trust pilot rating of 4.7/5.0 stars and Feefo rating of 4.5/5.0 stars



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