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16 Dec 2014

Written by Liam

Over 30 years experience in financial services, residential lettings and property sales. Director of a leading national estate agency chain, until leaving in 2008 to pursue other commercial interests. Vast experience in new business development, business change, management development and business strategy.

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Save money & stay safe with this winter motoring checklist

car reliability indexWith winter and Christmas fast approaching it is easy to ignore keeping your car well maintained. Here are a few simple tips to make you keep safe and in the long run save you money.

Take out breakdown cover

Not having breakdown cover is the cardinal sin of motoring. For as little as £30 you can get some basic cover and this could be a lifesaver if you, or your family, are left stranded. Just one breakdown would cost you more than the annual breakdown cover fee, so put your family first and get covered.

Be prepared before you make a journey

  • never start a journey without a coat in the boot (preferably light coloured for visibility)
  • make sure your mobile phone is charged
  • don't allow your petrol to get too low as you may be stuck in a traffic jam for hours, no petrol means no heating
  • make sure you have a sat-nav or printed details of your journey before you start
  • always carry de-icer and an ice scraper
  • take water and food on longer journeys

Check your vehicle

  • keep your car clean as this will help your visibility, especially in bright winter sunshine
  • check that all your lights are working
  • keep screen washer and water topped up
  • check tyre pressures regularly
  • if you are having any issues with your battery (e.g. difficulty starting), or it is over 5 years old, then change it now. It will save you money in the long run
  • have your car regularly serviced to keep it in 'tip top' condition for the winter. It is a false economy not having your car serviced as it will let you down eventually
  • make sure you have a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water in your coolant system as this will save major, and expensive, problems in very low temperatures

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