Read a book & listen to it at the same time with Whispersync from Amazon

3 min Read Published: 29 Nov 2014

Read a book and listen to it at the same time with Whispersync from Amazon

Read a book and listen to it at the same time with Whispersync from AmazonPicture the scene - you are engrossed in reading a new Kindle book on the train journey to work and you have to stop as you arrive at your destination. Frustrated, that you have to suspend your reading on your walk to work or on the tube. Not being able to pick up the gripping story until lunchtime or on your return train journey.

Help is at hand with a new service from Amazon called Whispersync for Voice

What is Whispersync?

Whispersync for Voice is a new service provided by Amazon that allows you to upgrade a Kindle eBook by purchasing the audio version of the book at a discounted price.

How does Whispersync work?

Now here is the amazing part of this service.

Once you have purchased the Kindle and the upgrade audio versions of your book you can read your Kindle and then seamlessly transfer to listening to your audio version - The audio book will sync to exactly the place you were reading in the Kindle version! Amazing! 

This also works in reverse so when you stop listening to the audio version and go back to your Kindle version it will sync to where you had been listening.

How do I get started with Whispersync?

Just follow this link for step by step guide on how to get started

Are all Kindle books available on Whispersync?

No, not all but there are over 30,000 titles currently available with more being added on a daily basis. If you search for a book title it will tell you in the full description if Whispersync for Voice is available and the upgrade price. Plus the service even works on the Kindle smartphone app.

How much does it cost to buy both the Kindle and audio versions?

The price varies depending on the book but generally speaking the audio version is around the same price as the Kindle version. Together the price is around the price of a hardback copy. However, it is a good idea to search the offers available as, at the time writing, I found Gone Girl available at a total price of £10.98 for both versions.