21 tips for keeping you and your possessions safe this Christmas

2 min Read Published: 03 Dec 2018

Top tips for keeping you and your possessions safe this Christmas

Top tips for keeping you and your possessions safe this ChristmasYour valuables

  • keep wallets, purses, mobile phones and other valuables safe and out of sight and make sure bags are secure
  • don't carry large amounts of cash and avoid using ATMs at night and in secluded places
  • never disclose your pin number
  • be extra vigilant in bars and restaurants, be discreet if you use your mobile phone or open your wallet or purse, somebody is probably watching you
  • if you have expensive jewellery be careful where and when you wear it
  • before you go out make sure you know how you are going to get home at the end of the night
  • make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before leaving home and invest in a battery that will charge your phone when there is no available charging point.

Your property

  • make sure your property and contents are fully insured, including the value of all the presents kept over Christmas, expensive possessions should be detailed on your contents  policy and photos taken of each item
  • keep presents and other valuables hidden so they cannot be easily seen by potential thieves
  • fully secure your property when you are not at home
  • if your windows have locks make sure you use them otherwise it will likely invalidate your insurance
  • if  you are going out always leave a light on to deter burglars you can also buy programmable plugs to make your lights come automatically when you are away
  • do not answer the door until you know who is calling, always ask for ID, there are a number of camera door bells available that allow you to  view and communicate with any caller through your mobile phone
  • do not leave Christmas lights on when you are out or asleep
  • if you have a burglar alarm always use it, even at night
  • if you are going away make sure you cancel any newspapers or other regular deliveries and let your neighbours know you will be away
  • make sure you have batteries required for presents so that you are not tempted to remove batteries from safety equipment such as smoke alarms
  • keep cards and decorations away from naked flames and light bulbs and always blow out candles before going out or to bed at night

Your car

  • always park your car in busy well lit areas and make sure your car is locked at all times
  • do not leave valuables or shopping on display in your car
  • take all valuables with you when you leave your car
  • when you go to bed take your car keys with you and place them in a small tin, this will protect against key interceptor tactics that car thieves are now using
  • in winter always put a spare coat in the car and if snow is forecast carry a shovel
  • make sure you keep topped up with petrol in the case of a delayed journey
  • join a breakdown service so that you and your family can always get home safely if you breakdown
  • keep your car clean to improve visibility through all windows when driving