A website that helps you rent out your garage or attic for storage – Money tip #168

1 min read Published: 05 Mar 2012

 A new website called sharemystorage.com allows householders to rent out garages, sheds, basements and attics to people seeking storage space.

The aim is to allow communities to meet each others storage needs whilst earning extra income and reducing the costs associated with self-storage.

To quote a recent press article:

SharemyStorage.com (SmS) has been termed the ‘ebay of storage’ as registered users are able to list, search, communicate and come to an agreement with other SmS members through the sites private messaging system. SmS members are also encouraged to build up their personal profiles with photos, background information and testimonials so users get to know who they are dealing with. The service is totally free for those seeking a storage solution with storage providers charged a one off fee equivalent to a weeks rent once a booking has been arranged.

So if you want to generate some extra cash from that empty shed then it may be worth a look. It's certainly a novel idea.

(picture source: flickr)