Buying wine? – get value for money with this new smartphone app (Money tip #247)

2 min Read Published: 02 Apr 2014

wotwine appBuying wine get value for money with the wotwine? app

If like me you don't know your Grenache from your Alionza and buying wine at a supermarket is just grab and hope then help is at hand with the new wotwine? smartphone app.

What is wotwine?

  • It is a smartphone app that provides a definitive guide to every bottle of wine you find on those baffling supermarket shelves
  • Wines from all nine major supermarket chains (Asa, Aldi, Co-op, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose) are tasted by the wotwine? tasting team of leading wine professionals
  • Each wine tasted is given a 'wotwine? would pay' price giving a guide on whether the price being charged by the supermarket is giving value for the wine quality provided
  • Price promotions in supermarkets are often used as marketing tools to make shoppers think they are getting a bargain, use wotwine? and you will know if a wine on offer is value for money

How does wotwine? work?

  • Once downloaded you can use the app's built in scan option to scan the barcode on any bottle of wine
  • Once scanned you will be presented with a short wotwine? review of the wine
  • You will be provided with a 'wotwine? would pay' price which is compared with the price offered by the supermarket to see if it is value for money
  • You can also add a note regarding the wine for future reference
  • There is also a search option available where you can search for by name store, type, price, country and even grape type


  • The app was only launched in late 2013 so not all wines are available yet but 'the cellar' is growing quickly
  • A great companion when you are wine shopping in the supermarket and you will know if a bargain is really a bargain
  • Quick and easy to use and the search facility is great for online shopping
  • App currently only available for iPhone but an Android version will be launched soon


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