Earn cash from your old stuff – without eBay

2 min Read Published: 07 Dec 2012

We are all on the lookout for ways of earning a bit of extra cash.  So, if you are having a clear out why not earn a bit of cash in the process.


If you have items of clothing you no longer wear - fashion faux pas, lost weight or, dare I say it, put on a few pounds  then it's time for a clear out and earn some cash.


Will collect clothing nationwide and will provide their own 30kg bag for you to fill. For acceptable clothing and shoes you will be paid 60p per kg, check their terms and conditions for details on what they will buy.


Based primarily in the Midlands this company will pay £5 per 10kg bag of clothes delivered to one of their depots. They will also pay the same amount for paired and wearable shoes.


If you take your unwanted Marks & Spencer clothing, shoes & handbags to Oxfam they will give a £5 discount voucher (when you spend £35) for to redeem at any M&S store.

Asos Marketplace

The fashion brand Asos allow individuals to sell clothes, shoes and other fashion items through the online Asos Marketplace. It is simple to register and list your items.


Aimed at high end fashion this website allows customers to sell designer fashion that has only been worn once or twice.Works on a similar auction basis to eBay and has really taken off amongst the rich and famous.



Just type in the ISBN number of the book you want to sell and they will tell you the price they will give you for the book. They are quite selective about what books they will purchase and will only buy books that are in demand.


All books on this site are sold for £3 and you can also buy books at a set price of £3.75. Easy registration and the site will automatically add an image of the book cover



Just enter the barcode of your CD, DVD or game and get an instant valuation if this is acceptable to you then they will collect your items (minimum 25 CD/DVDs). They also buy iPods, game consoles and laptops.

Cex (UK)

Enter the product description of item you want to sell and they will give you the amount they are prepared to pay. If this is acceptable then you just post the item to them and your account will be credited


Again just enter the barcode of the product to get an instant valuation and if acceptable just post them the item. They buy CDs, DVDs, games and books with a minimum purchase of 10 items.

Mobile phones


This is a comparison site that will search the best price for your unwanted phone. Just find the type of phone you want to sell and then choose who you want to sell it to from the list of companies displayed. You will then be sent through to their site to complete the transaction.


If you prefer to deal directly with one company then this might be the answer. Enter your phone details and they will give you a price, if you like the price just mail them the phone.

Ink cartridges and toners

Cartridge co

Will pay cash for some, but not all, printer cartridges or toners. Just check out their price list and send them the cartridges, there is a minimum transaction of 25 units.

Cash for Cartridges

Similar proposition to above but with no minimum number of cartridges per transaction.