The little-known cheap way to travel by private jet

1 min Read Published: 10 Sep 2014

How to fly on a private jet without breaking the bank

How to fly on a private jet without breaking the bankI am sure we all dream from time to time about living the champagne lifestyle. Part of this dream may include travelling on a private jet and relaxing while we fly off to some exotic location.

Now this dream could become a reality as a number of companies now offer 'empty leg flights' at a massive discount. So you can travel in luxury with a group of your friends at a reduced price and in some cases for not much more than the cost of a standard plane ticket.

What are 'empty leg flights'?

  • empty leg flights are basically where an aircraft repositions itself to a location (often the airlines operating base) without any booked passengers
  • the seats on these empty leg flights are then sold at a large discount to a group of travellers available to travel at short notice
  • although prices can rarely be placed in the  'budget' category they can often be affordable for that special occasion

How much would I have to pay for an empty leg flight?

There is no standard price due to the varied nature of the journeys and aircraft used, here are a few examples of flights available at the time of writing this article.

Because the flights are available at short notice customers have to regularly search the various sites to get the best deals.

What else should I know about empty leg flights

  • flights tend to be in small prop aircraft to medium size jets
  • all flights are one-way only so you will need to book a return flight - that's assuming you are planning to come back!
  • light catering can be arranged on most flights and in some cases served by one of the two pilots!

How can I find out more about empty leg flights?

  • a good starting point would be to look at websites such as or Air Partner and search their selection of available flights


Image: yingyo