Get paid to listen to music – Money tip #240

1 min Read Published: 24 Jan 2014


If you love listening to music then you can get paid to listen and review unsigned bands online.

How it works

A website called will actually pay you to review music, mostly from unsigned artists. In doing so you help them to find the best artists to push forward for radio placement.

Slicethepie randomly selects tracks for users to review which means that you don't have a choice of the band or type of music you listen to.

Once you've listened to track for at least 60 seconds you can review it. How much you get paid then depends on the 'quality' of your review. The quality is based on a number of criteria including the level of detail as well as how closely your rating is to the average user score for that song.

How much can you get paid to listen to music

Slicethepie have created a clever system which stops people gaming it. For starters there are measures in place to stop the speed and regularity at which you can submit reviews. Plus users have their own rating based on the quality of their reviews. The better their rating the more they get paid per review.

The amount users are paid per review varies from a few pence up to 25 pence - meaning a max hourly rate of £5. Slicethepie also have a refer a friend scheme which can boost your earnings as you get a slice of their action as well. So while you might not get rich, if you love music then why not get paid for your opinion and perhaps influence what you hear on the radio in the future?

How to get started

Just go to and sign up.