Check broadband speed in your new area – Ofcom broadband checker

1 min Read Published: 19 Oct 2022

How to check broadband speed before you move houseHaving a good broadband connection is always an important consideration when moving house. Broadband speeds can vary wildly across the UK and even within specific towns or areas. If a property is served by cable broadband or full fibre, you will be able to get much faster internet than if it can only get standard broadband.

Streaming TV and music, working from home, and catching up with friends and family through video calls is part of our everyday life – especially since the COVID-19 pandemic – so it's crucial to check out the local broadband speed before moving to a property to ensure it meets your requirements.

Slow internet is incredibly frustrating and can be – especially if you work from home – a serious problem. Some issues can be resolved through an engineer visit or switching providers. Other problems, such as a lack of infrastructure in your area, can take a long time to overcome.

Help is at hand, however, as communications regulator Ofcom has a useful tool which allows you to search the average broadband speed of a property in your postcode.

How does Ofcom's broadband search work?

  • Add the postcode of the property you are interested in moving to
  • Select the exact address from the drop-down menu
  • See what type of broadband is available in your area

If you are confused by the different types of broadband available, read our article on ‘Which broadband is best?’.

What broadband information is provided by Ofcom?

  • Maximum upload and download speed available for the postcode selected.
  • The networks available in the area

Can I rely on the broadband speed information for any property?

  • Broadband speeds can be affected by how the broadband input is configured within the property.
  • Your speed may be affected by your router, the provider you choose and how many devices you need to connect.
  • The highest speed advertised is not necessarily the speed you will get.

How can I obtain a reliable broadband speed for an individual property?

  • When viewing a property, ask the current owner for details of their broadband set-up.
  • Take a tablet or computer with you and ask the seller if you can check their actual broadband speed yourself.
  • Check the mobile connection at the same time.
  • If the broadband speed is acceptable for the postcode but poor in a particular property, then don't worry, you can always change your broadband provider once you move in.

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