Check broadband speed in your new area – Rightmove broadband checker

2 min Read Published: 24 Sep 2021

How to check broadband speed before you move houseHaving a good broadband connection is always an important consideration when moving house.

Streaming videos and music as well as catching up with friends and family through video calls, has become part of our everyday life, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's crucial to check out the local broadband speed before purchasing a property to ensure it meets your requirements.

Help is at hand, however, as the property portal Rightmove has a useful tool which allows you to search the average broadband speed in your postcode.

How does Rightmove's broadband search work?

  • Click on a property that you're interested in.
  • Scroll down past the photographs and description.
  • Click on the tab labelled "Broadband speed".

What broadband information is provided by Rightmove?

  • Maximum broadband speed available for the postcode selected.
  • A link to compare to your current broadband speed.
  • Details of how Rightmove calculate the average broadband speed.
  • Details of what services can be accessed with the relevant broadband speed, e.g. streaming, video calls, etc.
  • A list of the broadband providers for the postcode selected and what services are offered.

Can I rely on the broadband speed information for any property I purchase?

  • Broadband speeds provided are only an indication of what is available for the selected postcode.
  • Individual properties will differ depending on the service selected by the current owner.
  • Broadband speeds can differ depending on the provider.
  • Broadband speeds can also be affected by how the broadband input is configured within the property.

How can I obtain a reliable broadband speed for an individual property?

  • When viewing a property, ask the current owner for details of their broadband set-up.
  • Take a tablet or computer with you and ask the seller if you can check their actual broadband speed yourself.
  • Don't forget to also take your mobile phone with you on viewings to check the mobile connection at the same time.
  • If the broadband speed is acceptable for the postcode but poor in a particular property, then don't worry, you can always change your broadband provider once you move in.