How to complain direct to the CEO

2 min Read Published: 10 Dec 2015

ID-100119297If you have made a complaint regarding goods or services that has not been responded to in a timely manner and you have exhausted all the avenues available then why not take your complaint to the top.

How to contact the CEO of any company has managed to compile a substantial database of senior management/directors of companies both in the UK and worldwide. This database provides the full job titles and email addresses together with full postal address and website details (and sometimes even phone numbers).

With this resource you can contact the senior people in any organisation directly by email to help resolve your complaint.

However, before you start thumping the keyboard here are a few hints and tips that may help you get a successful outcome to your complaint.

  • make sure you have gone through the correct complaints procedure first, if you don't any correspondence is likely to be referred back through the correct process
  • trying to bypass the correct procedure could waste valuable time in getting your complaint processed
  • always be polite as this tends to elicit a more favourable response than just blowing a fuse from the start
  • try and start any communication on a positive note, maybe praising the company by saying how much you normally love their products or service
  • stick to the facts, don't let your emotions get the better of you
  • never use threats
  • keep any communication brief and to the point so that the recipient can ascertain the key facts quickly
  • make sure you use customer or complaint reference numbers and the names of employees you have been dealing with along with times and dates
  • always give an idea of what you expect as an outcome to your complaint
  • if you have correspondence regarding the complaint the attach this to the email so the recipient can understand the paper trail

Good luck with your enquiry and don't forget to give a donation to the site that will allow them to continue this great service.

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