Lunchtime Money Makeover #2 – Cut the cost of motoring

1 min Read Published: 14 Apr 2010

In the second part of my series of Lunchtime Money Makeovers here is a to-do list which could save you hundreds of pounds a year without leaving your desk.

  • Cut MOT repair costs (Money tip #33) – The price of an MOT test is fixed by the government at £54. However, many garages are quick to add the cost of unnecessary repairs. To make sure you are getting a fair deal, try getting your MOT done at a council-run MOT centre. Their garages don't do repairs so have no vested interest in failing your car. Moneysavingexert has a list of council MOT test centres here.
  • Pay your road tax annually (Money tip #34)- rather than six monthly. Depending on your car this can save you up to £43 a year. Click here to apply for your car tax online.
  • Pay less for your petrol – sign up at (by clicking here) and receive weekly emails telling which petrol stations have the cheapest prices in your area. This will save you time and money.
  • Cut the cost of breakdown cover – see my post Money tip #31 – Save money on your car breakdown insurance on how to cut the cost of your breakdown cover.
  • Pay less for your car insurance (Money tip #35)– by finding the best deal out there. You could save hundreds of pounds by following this tip alone. My personal favourite price comparison site is ComparetheMarket
  • Cut the cost of parking (Money tip #36)– sign up to (click here) and find the cheapest place to park near your destination in the capital. They even have an iphone app. The service is now live in London but will spread to cities including Brighton, Bristol, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bradford and Milton Keynes later this year.
  • Read this article – directgov give tips on how to drive in a greener way which could save you one month’s petrol over a whole year! Click here.

If you follow the above you could save hundreds of pounds a year (or even more) but even if you just follow one or two of the tips you will still save money – and it has cost you nothing except a lunchtime.