The easy way to make cash from your attic

1 min Read Published: 30 May 2013
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Make money from your attic

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If you are a fan of shows like 'Antiques Roadshow' and 'Cash in the Attic' then you will know that many people have uncovered valuable items, simply stored away in their attics. Also, many visitors to Boot Fairs have secured valuable items for just a few pounds amongst the junk that other people no longer want.

Searching your attic for these little gems is a start, but finding out how much they might be worth needs a bit of work. Fortunately, there are now a number of websites  and smartphone apps that can give you an idea in minutes, from just a photo or video, if you really have cash in your attic .

This is the website of the popular TV series and is full of useful information on antiques and collectibles. However, the most interesting  part of this site is the ability to get your items valued by a licensed valuer by just uploading a photo or video. Once you have got a valuation you can also try and sell the item through the website.

The most interesting thing is that they will soon be launching a smartphone app so you can upload items for valuation while you are on the move, genius!

This is a free online art, jewellery and antiques valuations, sales and loans service for items over £250. Valuations are given free and completed within a week  and you can then sell the items privately through a team of experts. Upload a photo and complete a registration form to get your valuation under way.

A leading online antique appraisal with over fifty experts covering a wide range art, antiques and collectibles. A simple three step process - upload a photo of your item, get it appraised by one of the team of experts and then receive your valuation direct to your inbox. Valuations cost from £5.99 and are completed within 48 hours. You can then sell your item on eBay, without the hassle, through the UK's leading eBay trading assistant, Stuff U Sell. Make sure to check out the small print regarding commission, as items under £500 carry a commission fee of 33%.