Best Easy Access Cash ISAs in the UK

2 min Read Published: 16 May 2024

The best Easy Access Cash ISAs from the whole UK Savings Market! monitors the whole UK savings market (that's over 4,000 accounts) to bring together the best buys available.

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Best Easy Access Cash ISAs

Plum* Chip* ZOPA Newcastle Building Society Paragon
Account name Plum Cash ISA Chip Cash ISA Easy Access ISA Single Access ISA (Issue 1) Double Access ISA Issue 3
AER 5.17% 5.10% 5.08% 5.00% 4.95%
Minimum opening balance £100 £1 £1 £1 £1,000
How to manage the account

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Branch, Online, Post, Telephone Online
How to apply




Branch, Online Online
Summary The rate of 5.17% AER includes a bonus of 0.86% for the first 12 months, providing the following conditions are met: The account balance is kept at £100 or more and you have no more than 3 withdrawals in a single year. Should you make a 4th withdrawal or your balance drop below £100, the interest rate will drop to 3.00% AER. Transfers of existing ISA funds are allowed, but these receive the basic rate of 4.29% AER. The basic rate of interest of 4.29% is paid monthly, and the Plum bonus rate of 0.88% will be added at the end of the first year. This is not a flexible ISA. Easy Access. This account is available via the Chip App, which can be downloaded from the App or Google Play store using the QR code on the Chip link. Transfers in not accepted currently. This is a flexible ISA. Interest is paid monthly.

This savings account is powered by the provider's partner, ClearBank Limited. ClearBank Limited is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so funds deposited are protected up to £85,000 subject to eligibility. Be aware that any funds that you already hold with ClearBank Limited will also count towards this limit.

Easy access. Interest is paid monthly. Transfers in from other providers allowed. Flexible ISA Easy Access. 1 withdrawal permitted each anniversary year, Interest rate of 5% paid on anniversary of account opening, Interest rate will drop to 2.9% uponmaking 2 or more withdrawals. Transfers in from other providers are accepted. This is a flexible ISA. Easy access. Interest is paid annually or monthly.

Upon 3rd withdrawal within an account year, the rate decreases to 1.50% AER/annual (1.49% monthly)

Financial Services Compensation Scheme Shared Licence Shared Licence Own Licence Shared Licence Own Licence

Source: Updated 16/05/2024


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