Notice Accounts

1 min Read Published: 02 Jun 2023

The best Notice Accounts from the whole UK Savings Market! monitors the whole UK savings market (that's over 4,000 accounts) to bring together the best buys available.

The following savings best buy tables are also available:

Two ways to always ensure you get the best savings rate

  1. Bookmark this page and regularly check our best buy tables, such as the one below.
  2. You can also sign up to the FREE rate tracker email alert which will monitor savings account rates for you. You simply enter your email address and the names of the savings accounts you currently have. Then, not only will the system tell you if you are getting a good deal, but it will continuously monitor the market for you and email you when there are better deals out there than your existing account. When using the tool make sure you enter the correct balance for each of your accounts as some deals out there offer tiered rates - whereby the interest rate paid is dependent on your account balance.

Best Notice Accounts

HTB The Family Building Society Cynergy Bank HTB United Trust Bank
Account name 120 Day Notice Account - Issue 7 Capital 120 Online Notice Saver - 120 Day Notice - Issue 4 95 Day Notice Account - Issue 13 200 Day Notice Account Issue 2
AER 4.40% 4.33% 4.31% 4.30% 4.30%
Notice period 120 Days 120 Days 120 Days 95 Days 200 Days
Minimum opening balance £1 £5,000 £500 £1,000 £5,000
How to manage the account Online, Post Telephone Online Online Online, Post, Telephone Online
How to apply Online Online Online Online Online
Financial Services Compensation Scheme Own Licence Shared Licence Own Licence Own Licence Own Licence

Source: Updated: 02/06/2023