Dodl vs Moneybox – which is the best investing app?

2 min Read Published: 25 Apr 2022

Dodl vs Moneybox – which is the best investing app?If you are considering where to invest your money, choosing an investment app may be an attractive option. In this article, we compare investing apps Dodl and Moneybox, which both aim to provide easily accessible and user-friendly investment platforms. We compare the products and services they offer, as well as the fees they charge.

Dodl vs Moneybox - which is better?

Dodl Moneybox
Services Investing app

Choice of 30 funds and 50 UK stocks

Investing and savings app

Round-up feature

Products ISA, GIA (General Investment Account), Lifetime ISA, SIPP Simple saver and notice accounts

Cash Lifetime ISA

ISA, Lifetime ISA, GIA and SIPP

Minimum investment £100 or £25 monthly investment £1
Platform fees 0.15% (minimum £1 per month, per account)

Additional underlying fund charges

£1 monthly subscription (waived for first 3 months)


0.45% annual platform fee

(No monthly subscription for SIPP, 0.45% platform fee up to £100,000, 0.15% over £100,000)

Customer reviews (Trustpilot) n/a 4.5/5.0

Dodl vs Moneybox - services

Although both Dodl and Moneybox are investing apps, Moneybox also has savings options. In addition, it has a round-up feature, which means you can choose to automatically round up each transaction for your day-to-day spending to the nearest pound and add that extra money to your savings or investment pot. It's a way of incrementally increasing the amount you are putting in, without really noticing.

In terms of what you can invest in, Dodl has a greater degree of choice, with 30 funds and 50 UK shares for investors to build their portfolios from. Moneybox, meanwhile, has 3 ready-made, risk-rated portfolios, or a choice of 24 funds for those who want to build their own portfolios.

Dodl vs Moneybox - products

Both Dodl and Moneybox have stocks and shares ISAs, General Investment Accounts, Lifetime ISAs and SIPPs. Moneybox also has a range of savings accounts, including a cash ISA. It is notable that neither platform offers Junior ISAs, unlike many of their competitors. If you are particularly interested in a Junior ISA, read our article "Best Junior stocks and shares ISA".

Dodl vs Moneybox - minimum investment

While opening an account with Dodl requires a minimum lump-sum investment of £100, or £25 per month as a regular investment, it is possible to start investing with Moneybox from as little as £1. However, it is worth noting Moneybox has a subscription model, which means it costs £1 per month to keep the account open. This means you need to invest a reasonable amount in order to stop this monthly subscription, along with the other platform charges, potentially wiping out any returns.

Dodl vs Moneybox - platform fees

If you are looking for the most cost-effective option, Dodl is one of the cheapest investment platforms in the UK, with a platform fee of just 0.15%, although there is a requirement to pay at least £1 per month, per account. Moneybox is more expensive, with a monthly subscription of £1 (waived for the first 3 months) combined with a platform fee of 0.45%.

Summary: Dodl vs Moneybox

On the surface, Dodl and Moneybox are both targeting similar sorts of investors, namely younger people who are happy to use an investing app and want information presented in a straightforward, easily digestible manner. The round-up feature certainly helps set Moneybox apart, but when you look at the comparative cost of each proposition, if you are looking for the cheapest option, Dodl is the clear winner.

For in depth analysis of each, read our Dodl review and Moneybox review.